Since our inception, Irvine Training Group has been focused on building a strategic, quality, training and consulting practice.

Program Manager

Andy Irvine 

Andy has worked as a project manager and general manager in construction and engineering based industries for 25 years before moving into the training and education sector.

Andy specialises in program and course development having successfully designed, developed and managed a number of innovative training and education programs in both the public and private sector across a range of industries and educational levels.

Andy’s background gives him the ability to communicate effectively with diverse client groups, from senior management to technical specialists and operational staff, and to understand the challenges, needs and visions of an organisation.  This creates ownership of the programs and materials developed, improving how organisations approach their operations, increase productivity and safety, and create new opportunities.  

“I get great satisfaction out of bringing people of all levels and skills together to create or learn something new and leading teams to achieve things they didn’t realise they were capable of.”

Training & HSEC Manager

Jim Stutsel

Jim made the move from Construction, Project and Safety Management roles into the training industry after struggling to find high quality trainers and programs for the businesses he was managing.


Jim is an accredited Integrated Management Systems auditor and has successfully developed and implemented safety management plans, ISO accreditation and integrated management systems for a range of organisations.


Using e-learning tools like Google Classroom, Jim has written and developed a highly successful approach to delivering Cert IV WHS, Cert IV Civil Supervision and other risk and safety management programs. Combining workplace based face to face training, technology and practical exercises, Jim’s students become familiar with workplace technology and what is required to lead and supervise teams in the mining and civil construction environment.   

Aimee Andersen

Learning Designer and E-learning Manager 

Aimee is an accomplished and experienced Learning Designer, eLearning specialist and Technology consultant.

Aimee has always been passionate about achieving quality educational outcomes through the use of technology and making technology accessible to all client groups. 

Technically-savvy with excellent relationship building, training, presentation and project management skills, Aimee has solid experience implementing and managing all levels of projects, including design, budgeting and project management.  

Aimee is a Google certified Level 1 & 2 Educator and Google Trainer and is comfortable operating in many eLearning platforms.


With a background in IT as a network engineer, Aimee moved into support and training in an educational setting in 2009.  Working and living in remote Indigenous communities for 7 years, Aimee utilises her strong technical background to create current and engaging learner eLearning content also researching and implementing new and emerging technologies to improve delivery strategies and student outcomes.

Abby Stevens

Trainer & Leadership Facilitator

Abby has over 15 years experience as a trainer and leadership facilitator. Abby specialises in facilitating behavioural based safety programs that are driven by a projects values and vision.

Abby's ability to improve communication skills across all departments and management levels of a project is fundamental to its success. Her humour mixed with an honest approach brings a fresh dynamic into the training room.

“Everyone communicates differently - in order to create a high performing team it is important to understand your own communication style and be able to identify and respect how others prefer to communicate. When teams are communicating effectively, productivity and moral is maximised leading to project success”

Jim Irvine

Education Strategies, Editor  and Technical Writing Consultant

Dr Jim Irvine has extensive experience in academic writing, thesis and dissertation supervision and publishing, based on his 20+ years working in the university sector in Australia and overseas.

Jim has also worked professionally in 32 countries, predominantly for UNICEF in Asia, but also for UNESCO, the World Bank and major bilateral aid agencies, as an education adviser, consultant or visiting academic, with a special interest in practical challenges and field-based trouble-shooting.

Throughout his career, Jim has assisted numerous national and international colleagues with reporting tasks, has encouraged and mentored colleagues to undertake PHD and Masters studies, and has helped many to disseminate their work via published and unpublished reports, as well as preparing succinct presentations for workshops, seminars and conferences.  

Dr Jim Irvine holds the qualifications of B.A., M.Ed., Ph.D., T.C. and serves as a J.P. in NSW.

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