Workplace Supervision, Leadership, Safety & Risk Management Training.

Online Course Development & e-Learning  

Irvine Training Group are a team of education and training professionals who provide customised courses and training solutions to improve the efficiency of your team and operations. 


Our highly experienced work place trainers have skills in project management, team communications and leadership training, civil  construction supervision, building and engineering, agriculture, WHS and risk management, safety, e-learning and online  course design.

Using the KISS principle for safety and risks, do what you say you do!

Does your safety performance look like the one described in your plans?

Do your team know what is expected, are they consistent, do they know the laws?

Your team's safety management lies somewhere between what you think is happening, what the regulator expects and what the last project/supervisor did.

Ensure your plans match your performance and get it working.

Using the KISS principle for safety and risks, do what you say you do!

Your already have the best source of skills for your organisation - your own people.


Using simple phone captured videos you can quickly and easily turn the skills and knowledge of your people into:

  • high quality and engaging online learning materials,

  • up to date and relevant inductions

  • and current safety messaging.


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